The Service: We offer contract/temporary and permanent staffing solutions to our clients. We pride ourselves on being results oriented, quality conscious, and have the unique skill to deliver time after time.

The Business: The majority of our business is on the East Coast of the USA, but we have, and can easily cover other US locations also. We also provide recruiting services for clients in Ireland and China.

Why use us: We have the ability to make the recruitment task work for you. Make use of our extensive databases and unique recruiting techniques. We're constantly searching for 'the ideal candidate' for you . We will only send quality candidates after careful short listing and review.

What speaks volumes about our service is that it is almost entirely referral driven; candidates/clients refer us candidates/clients.

We have no 'sales' team, the company is totally recruitment/recruiter/results driven.

Our goal is to be your back-office recruitment engine.

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